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With great experience in document management solutions, Law Image’s professional staff will diligently consult with you on your project, in order to understand your requirements, urgency and deadlines. They will design a comprehensive strategy for your entire matter. A Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will oversee your matter from start to finish, keeping you informed with regular updates on progress.

Law Image delivers a fully comprehensive sourcing strategy that covers consultants, project managers, paralegals, software developers, print room management teams and data process operators. We work together with our clients to develop a solution when resources are stretched to the limit. Our professional staff will help when you require outsourced solutions or extra resources.

Law Image can provide managed onsite services. Our two main services are:

  • Onsite print rooms: Law Image can manage your onsite print room. This is a complete service that includes staffing, hardware and consumables. It also turns your print costs into a hard disbursement and enables full cost recovery

  • Managing mailrooms: Law Image provides a managed mailroom service. This results in increased efficiency in mail processing for our clients.

We will operate your print room and mailroom on your behalf using Law Image staff and machines. This removes your management overhead and turns printing costs into a hard disbursement.

We will operate the print room service from your premises during business hours, with out of hours services delivered from Law Image offices. This will give you continuity of service across evenings and weekends.

Law Image will charge a flat per-page print fee. This fee will cover all our costs and there will be no other hidden, supplementary or additional charges. Our clients can choose to disburse the charges as it wishes.

Our mailroom services include managing your mail sorting and distribution in addition to providing print services.