-Est 1999-

With two decades of knowledge and experience in legal document management, Law Image provides consulting and project management services to law firms and government departments. All projects are assigned a dedicated account manager who proactively ensure regular updates to clients. Clients can contact their account managers 24×7 or reach Law Image through our support email id or toll free number.

Law Image delivers a fully comprehensive resourcing strategy that covers consultants, project managers, paralegals, software developers, print room management teams and data process operators. We work together with our clients to develop a solution aligned to their business requirements.

Law Image provides managed services for our clients. Our managed services include:

  • Onsite print rooms: Law Image can manage your onsite print room. This is a complete service that includes staffing, hardware and consumables. It also turns print costs into hard disbursement and enables full cost recovery

  • Managing mail rooms: Law Image also provides a managed mail room service. This helps in increased efficiency in mail processing for our clients.

Law Image operates and manages the print room and mail room using our machines and our trained staff. Clients can do away with their management overhead costs and turn the printing costs into a hard disbursement.

Law Image operates the print room service from client premises during business hours and out-of- hours services are delivered from Law Image offices. This provides continuity of service 24×7.

Law Image only charges a flat per-page print fee. This fee covers all costs and there will be no other hidden, supplementary or additional charges.

Our mail room services include managing mail sorting and distribution. Our staff can scan and email incoming mail items. They can also load it into the document system.