-Est 1999-

Law Image provides a full range of expert legal agency services. Our services include:

  • Registration and agency services at courts, tribunals and commissions throughout Australia
  • Uplifting and photocopying of subpoenaed documents
  • Filing and eFiling at courts
  • Court copying
  • Court runs
  • Host electronic court rooms.

Outlined below are the registries where our full-time, experienced staff overlook court copying and update clients on the status of their documents on a daily basis:

· Federal Court · Workers Compensation Commission
· Supreme Court · Compensation Court
· District Court · Industrial Relations Commission
· Family Court


Electronic Forms are available on our website.

Court Runs

Law Image is available for confidential and trial court runs, whether it is transporting your documents from court to your office or a location of your choice within the CBD.

Free of Charge

We offer the services outlined below free of charge:

· Pickup and delivery within CBD · Hole punching
· After hours services (notification required between 8.00am – 6.00pm weekdays) · Stapling & removing staples