-Est 1999-

Law Image provides expert services to support the entire e-discovery lifecycle for all kinds of files, documents and media. Additionally we also provide consulting and project management services to support e-discovery.

Our standard process is to receive volumes of unstructured information such as MS Office files and email databases. We index them, extract the metadata and resolve email databases back into their original messages. We then convert them into standard database formats such as Ringtail or Relativity for your legal review. We can also host e-discovery databases.

Our specific services include:

  • Ingestion, processing and indexing of electronic file volumes. For example, taking collections of electronic files such as emails and files on hard drives and then processing them with special software tools. These tools convert them into a format that supports the legal review process. After processing they can then be loaded into a review tool such as Ringtail
  • Processing and indexing of email databases
  • Document delimiting, objective coding and metadata extraction
  • File export to standard legal review platforms such as Ringtail and Relativity (for large datasets)
  • File export to Excel with hyperlinks (for small datasets)
  • Printing datasets
  • Project management of e-discoveries.

Our capability in this area means you do not need to maintain expensive infrastructure or specialised in-house skills. Instead you can use our services only when you need them.